O cabanon perdeu a sua árvore!

Numa pesquisa pelo Flickr descobri que o Cabanon perdeu a sua árvore.
Imaginemos a Unité de Habitacion sem os seus pilotis!
Restam-nos as fotografias e a imaginação... tentando não romancear a história e o mito.

Fotos: Flickr (aqui) e Florence Canarelli (aqui)


Conversation piece

petit Cabanon: from representation to conversation piece.

A series of gatherings and interviews will take place here during summer.

The table is set.

Pictures by Vitor Ferreira
Not fully developed but still… (wiki) (wiki 2)


What is a Conversation Piece?

Petit Cabanon hosts architecture and visual culture.
It also houses an on-going video archive to be called Conversation Pieces.

Conversation Pieces are informal group portraits presenting groups of people discussing and playing in casual interior or outdoor situations. A Conversation Piece is also a thing which is interesting enough to spark conversation about it. By staging the conditions for particular gatherings each Conversation Piece is a proposal of a get-together where to expose on-going projects, research or where to discuss ideas and concepts.